ctcLink for Seattle Colleges

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ctcLink for Seattle Colleges has launched - 2/22/21

ctcLink is our WA state colleges centralized system providing students and employees with online services for conducting college business on mobile device, laptop, or computer, on and off campus. Services include student registration, financial aid, tracking academic progress and employee records, payroll, work processes and more.

All Students and employees must activate their ctcLink accounts.
Your ctcLink ID (EMPLID) is needed to first activate the account and to log into your account after.

(Students & employees prior to Spring quarter 2021 may use their old SID to activate their ctcLink account & find their ctcLink ID (EMPLID) during activation process.)

Students & Employees - SID option (with an SID received prior to ctcLink)
- You may complete your ctcLInk account activation using your SID. When activation is finalized your ctcLink ID (EMPLID) will be displayed. Make note of your ctcLink ID and password for logging into your ctcLink account going forward. (see activation "INSTRUCTIONS" below)
New Students
- After your application for admission passes review & processing, you will receive your ctcLink ID by email from Admissions, Seattle Colleges. Use your ctcLink ID to complete your ctcLink account activation. (see activation "INSTRUCTIONS" below)
New Employees
-Will receive ctcLink ID (EMPLID) by email from HR, Seattle Colleges. Use your ctcLink ID to complete your ctcLink account activation. (see activation "INSTRUCTIONS: below)

The ctcLink ID (EMPLID) is your login ID to your ctcLink account for student or employee Self Services at Seattle Colleges. You will also be able to use the same ctcLink ID login at any Washington community or technical college you attend. The password is set and changeable by the user. 

ctcLink account Self Services lets users manage their registration & tuition, payroll & benefits, contact information, and provides access to official information and tools for administrative and business staff processes.

Please note the ctcLink login & account does not replace the MySeattleColleges Login account. 
Current students and employees will continue to use their same MySeattleColleges credentials (username and password) for logging into campus resources such as computers, wifi, 0365 & email, Starfish, etc.

New students and employees will need to complete their MySeattleColleges account initialization in addition, after their ctcLink account activation. Your ctcLink ID (EMPLID) and ctcLink password will be needed to log in to  MySeattleCollegesTools for account setup/management.

Note: SID/PIN (old ID), the previous login to various existing services will no longer be used and will be replaced by the MySeattleColleges login or the ctcLink login.


If this is your first-time using a ctcLink account you must complete a "FIRST-TIME ACCOUNT ACTIVATION".
While activating your account, BE SURE to note your ctcLink ID (EMPLID) and PASSWORD. These will be needed to log into your ctcLInk account afterwards. 

Activate account & Login at  ctclink simple_30%



plus Password Reset & Recover Forgotten ctcLink ID (EMPLID):

REQUIRED FIRST STEP for ALL Students - Activate your ctcLink Accounts

CURRENT STUDENTS (prior to Spring quarter 2021)
Use your SID number (old ID#) to activate your ctcLink account for the first time.
Your ctcLink ID (EMPLID) will be displayed during the activation when all steps are completed.

Use your ctcLink ID number to activate your ctcLink account. The ctcLink ID will be included in the email you receive from Admissions after your application has been reviewed and processed.

Activate your ctcLink account
Reset your ctcLink account password
Update your contact information
Update preferred first name (applies to ctcLink account only)

IF you have already completed your 'first-time' ctcLink account activation and forgotten your ctcLink ID (EMPLID) see Recover forgotten ctcLink ID (EMPLID) to get ctcLink and other account information.

With successful testing of ctcLink systems, target first day will be 2/22/21 for staff.

STAFF (includes Student employees) - Starting 2/22/21   FACULTY - Starting 2/24/21
REQUIRED FIRST STEP - Activate your ctcLink Accounts for the ctcLink switch-over.

Use your SID number (old ID#) to activate your ctcLink account for the first time.
Your EMPLID (ctcLink ID) will be displayed during the activation when all steps are completed.
New staff will use your EMPLID (ctcLink ID) received at hiring.

Okta - Activating Your ctcLink Account
Okta - Resetting Your ctcLink Password/Unlock Account
Request preferred name (applies to ctcLink account only)
Add Update Emergency Contact Information

IF you have already completed 'first-time' ctcLink account activation and forgotten your ctcLink ID (EMPLID) see Recover forgotten ctcLink ID (EMPLID) to get ctcLink and other account information.

Go to ctcLink Account Login page

Log into your ctcLink account (after activation) to access your service options from your Employee or Student Self Service page. (Service options will differ for each user depending on your access criteria.)

NEW! Starting August 2021 - Recommended Additional Security Options for your ctcLink account.

"Which account do I need?"

>"ctcLink Account" or "MySeattleColleges Login" detailed Information Chart

> ctcLink & MySeattleColleges account setup - Quick Steps
> Quick Steps Translations available in Amharic, Arabic, Chinese (Sim), Somali, Spanish & Vietnamese.

For updates and information on issues you may be experiencing please go to:

Information for Students
ctcLink Updates
Student Facing Issues

Learn more about your ctcLink services:

Students https://www.seattlecolleges.edu/ctclink/ctclink-students
Staff  https://www.seattlecolleges.edu/ctclink/about/ctclink-staff
Faculty https://www.seattlecolleges.edu/ctclink/ctclink-faculty
ctcLink Faculty Assistance (see listed campus faculty leads)

For Support or Questions please contact IT Services HelpDesk

  • DO NOT use the back button as you navigate in ctcLink PeopleSoft systems. Information from previous windows you’ve left will be lost and are not retrievable. PeopleSoft comprises Campus Solutions, Finance, and Human Capital Management pillars.
  • Good first steps to addressing any browser issues you are encountering are clearing your browser cache and allowing pop-up windows. Select the links below for How To Steps. For further assistance please contact IT Services HelpDesk.

          Clear Web Browser Cache
          Allow Pop-up Windows

Monday, March 22 "April 5" newly extended tuition payment deadline.

Monday, February 22 – ctcLink goes live across Seattle Colleges

Timeline for activating your new ctcLink Accounts 
(with successful testing of ctcLink systems, target first day will be 2/22/21 for staff)
START DATES:   STAFF - 2/22   • FACULTY - 2/24   • STUDENTS - 3/01

February 22-26Deployment Week: Payroll, Accounting, College Business Offices, Enrollment & Registration, Admissions, and Financial Aid Offices are closed on all campuses. Instruction will continue as usual.

Friday, February 12 – Legacy web admissions portals will close at 4:30 p.m. Thurs. Feb. 11, until new ctcLink admissions portals open on Monday, February 22. 

February 12 to March 1 – Access to Online Student Accounts & Records Paused 
using MyCentral, MyNorth or MySouth
. You will still have access to Canvas, Office365, Starfish and remote access to computer labs. You will have access to your student records again beginning on March 1. (Also in ctcLink)

February 24 - Login to MySeattleColleges Login Tools changes to your ctcLink ID (EMPLID) and ctcLink Password replacing SID and PIN. 

Access to Get My Credentials and Reset Password is paused for students until March 1If you experience problems, please contact IT Services HelpDesk. 

Friday, February 19 – Websites that currently require SID/PIN to login are moving to MySeattleColleges authentication. This includes our student portals (MyNorth, MyCentral, MySouth), the library EZProxy service, and inquiry-only historical access to TLR. MySeattleColleges login has already been added as an option to our employee portal, inside.seattlecolleges.edu, to smooth the transition. Legacy SMS/FMS/PPMS Access: Staff regain view-only access to the legacy systems.

February 22 to March 1 – Various Student Services Will Not Be Available
Offices closed include Cashiering, Admissions, Business Offices, Enrollment & Registration, Financial Aid and Payroll at each of our colleges. These offices will reopen on Monday, March 1.

Tuesday, February 23 – all employees start using ctcLink to enter their time and leave for the February 16 - February 28 pay period.

See More Key Dates

MySeattleColleges Login Account continues as your logon for existing services:
​​​​​MS Office 0365 applications, Outlook E-mail, Wifi on campus, Campus computers/remote access, MyDesk (staff), 25Live, IT Services HelpDesk, Starfish, etc.


Login Credentials to access "MySeattleColleges Login Tools" changes to 
ctcLink ID (EMPLID) and ctcLink password, eventually replacing SID/PIN
fter ctcLInk systems integration is complete. Effective date tba. MySeattleColleges Login Tools page provides options to set up your account, retrieve credentials (username and email name/address), to set or reset the password, & NEW! recover your ctcLink ID (EMPLID) & get other account information.

Currently, access to the Tools, Get My Credentials and Reset Password will be accessible with your ctcLink ID (EMPLID) & ctcLink password OR your SID/PIN (old).

View more information about MySeattleColleges Login

View Instructions for MySeattleColleges Account Login Setup

If you experience problems, please contact IT Services HelpDesk. 

NOT MOVING to ctcLink systems:

  • CANVAS - Students will be able to log into Canvas with their ctcLink user ID and password as well as their existing credentials. Note: you should continue to use your SID and PIN number when logging into Canvas until Spring Quarter. Starting Spring Quarter, you will use your ctcLink ID and password to access Canvas coursework. New students after ctcLink go live will just use their ctcLink credentials to access Canvas.
  • STARFISH (with ctcLink data integration improvements)
  • MYSEATTLECOLLEGES LOGIN services: O365, Email, Wifi, Computer access, etc.(see more details in above section)
  • 25LIVE (with ctcLink integration improvements)
  • LIBRARY SERVICES (with ctcLink integration for improved access to library materials)

The following services remain but will use MySeatteColleges login for access starting 2/22:

  • MyNorth/MyCentral/MySouth (portals remain available along with ctcLink Self Services. See below)*
    Access to: Submit course evaluations, Create Education Plans, Make parking payments will be available again starting March 1 in the student portals. Other services moving to ctcLink Self Service.
  • Library EZProxy service 
  • Inquiry-only historical access to TLR.

and available from your ctcLink account: 

  • *MyNorth, MySouth, MyCentral (student portals) - Class schedule, registration, student records and personal information and business functions are moving to ctcLink, but the student portals will also be available starting March 1 for some services. (see above*). IMPORTANT CHANGE starting March 1 - Use MySeattleColleges login for access to student portals (replaces SID/PIN)
  • TLR (time and leave reporting)
  • Earnings History
  • Instructor Briefcase
  • e-Forms

View more Seattle Colleges service changes with ctcLink deployment at:
> ctcLink and Other Existing Information Systems 

ctcLink Account Login Page https://gateway.ctcLink.us 


How to Activate ctcLink Account 
Student > Student Resources 
Staff > Okta - Activating Your ctcLink Account

How to reset my ctcLink password 
Student  > Student Resources
Staff > Okta - Resetting Your ctcLink Password/Unlock Account

Go to the ctcLink Log-in Screen 

Can’t remember my ctcLink account security questions
- Request to delete security questions through IT Services HelpDesk. You'll be asked to provide your contact information & identification verification. 

Receiving msg. "Your ctcLink ID is already active"
If you've already activated your ctcLink account at another Washington state college, the account credentials are the same. Try logging into ctcLink with your ctcLink ID from other college and associated password. 

Forgot ctcLink ID (EMPLID):
If you have completed your ctcLink account activation you may
- Contact ITS HelpDesk to Request 
- Contact Registration to Request
- Former students & staff who have an old SID & PIN may go to
MySeattleColleges Login Tools page & click Get My Credentials. Instructions - Recover Forgotten ctcLink ID (EMPLID)

Multiple Sign-in Attempts 
All user accounts will be locked out for 30 minutes after 5 attempts to log in with an incorrect password in a 10 minute period.  If you have attempted 3 times in a 10-minute period and still cannot get in, you should reset your password. If you have already tried 5 or more attempts to login in wait 30 minutes before resetting your password. 

How is the MySeattleColleges Login account affected 
Logging into "Tools" management page changes to the ctcLink ID (EMPLID) and ctcLink Password replacing SID/PIN.
Continue to use your MySeattleColleges credentials (Username & Password) to access the same existing services.

Can’t log into ctcLink account with my MySeattleColleges password
Your ctcLink account first needs to be activated. During activation you'll create a password & be able to view your ctcLink ID (EMPLID). After activation is completed, log into your ctcLink account with your ctcLink ID and ctcLink password

MyNorth/MySouth/MyCentral login & options have changed
Login with your MySeatteColleges credentials (instead of SID/PIN). Portals now provide access to: Submit course evaluations, /create Education Plans & Make parking payments. All other services move to your ctcLink account.

I can’t log into Starfish, should I be using ctcLink
For Starfish you will still use your MySeattleColleges credentials to login. Your password may have surpassed the 120 day expiry date. See the MySeattleColleges Login section of this site for reset password info. Or the FAQ in the StarFish section of this IT Services site under "Why can't I log in?"(see menus)

Do New staff & students get an SID and EMPLID
No. New staff & students will use their ctcLink ID (EMPLID) only for ctcLink account set up and MySeattleColleges account set up. 

Do incoming students & staff need to activate a ctcLink account at each campus they attend or work at
No. Use your one ctcLink account at all Washington community and technical colleges. Account activation is only needed once.

Having website issues
Try these browser set-ups: >Popups_allow_block_ITS.pdf  and >Clear browser cache_ITS.pdf 

My personalization changes are not taking effect in all pillars 
Personalization changes are per pillar and do not generalize to another pillar.

First Time ctcLink account activation name not recognized 
Make sure to use your “official name” as referenced in admissions (students) or at hiring (staff).

How to update my contact information for ctcLink account
Student > Student Resources
Staff > Add Update Emergency Contact Information

How to change to my first name preference for ctcLink account
(applies to ctcLink account only)
Student > Student Resources 
Staff > Request preferred name 

Is a Mobile App Available 
Yes, there is an app you can use on your mobile devices. Search the app store (iPhone) or play store (Android) on your mobile device for “ctcLink” to download and install this free app. Note: Students must activate your ctcLink account before using the mobile app or its web-based version.

Have questions or need help
> Contact IT Services HelpDesk
> Faculty may also contact their campus leads listed at ctcLink For Faculty

See More ctcLink FAQ and Information at SeattleColleges.edu:
>Students FAQ
>General FAQ
>ctcLink Landing Page, Seattle Colleges

Much more ctcLink information for Students, Staff and Faculty available at seattlecolleges.edu/ctclink

We wish you all a smooth transition to the new ctcLink system and PeopleSoft services. We're here to help, as we too discover the new ctcLink processes along with our colleagues and students. Please contact IT Services HelpDesk for your IT and ctcLink questions. We're happy to provide support or to assist you in finding where to get the help you may need.