Computer Labs & WiFi

In-person lab computers, remote computer access, printing, and WiFi are available for Seattle Colleges enrolled students. Login with your MySeattleColleges Account credentials.

Open lab/general use computers are available for walk-ins on a limited basis during covid for enrolled students. Monochrome and color printing is available from on-campus.

Phone: 206.934.6333

Winter Quarter 2023, 1/3 - 3/22
MON - THUR  - 8 am to 6 pm
FRI                  - 8 am to 2 pm
SAT - SUN      - Closed


For Library hours go to Central Library Services.


For Library hours go to South Library Services.

NORTH SEATTLE, Title lll Lab, room CC 1353A

Winter Quarter 2023, 1/3 - 3/22
MON - THUR   - 9 am to 4 pm
FRI                   -12pm to 2pm
SAT - SUN       - Closed

NORTH SEATTLE, Instructional building, room IB3303
Phone: 206.934.3630

Winter Quarter 2023, 1/3 - 3/22
MON - THUR   - 9 am to 4 pm
FRI                   -12pm to 2pm
SAT - SUN       - Closed

Seattle Central Satellite Location 
- Pacific Tower, Library, room 301

For Library Hours go to HEC Library Services.

Seattle Colleges Holiday Calendar

Enrolled students can remote login to computer labs from off-campus and access specialty software computer labs and a subset of open lab/general use computers.

For enrolled students - Black and white and color printing is available in-person, on-campus at the labs (listed above) using your student printing account. Add funds to printing accounts on-line, from your campus student network computer stations. Login is with your MySeattleColleges Account credentials. For printing assistance please check with computer support lab staff.

Seattle Central - WIFI PRINTING
We now have wifi printing while on-campus at Seattle Central. Wifi Printing instructions.


Wireless network “SCWiFi” access is available quarterly at all Seattle Colleges locations.

  • From a wifi enabled laptop or mobile device, connect to the Seattle Colleges WiFi network named “SCWiFi”. 
  • You will be prompted to log in with your MySeattleColleges username & password to receive full WiFi internet access.
  • Note - Enter your username without “”. Example - “First.Last”

WiFi is available to anyone on campus without logging on which will provide access to .edu and .gov sites only.

For those who have guests requiring Wi-Fi access, please contact IT Services to make arrangements for one-time or ongoing guest accounts to meet your specific needs.