Remote Access Computer Labs from Off-Campus

Students can remotely log into computer labs from off-campus and use the software on these computers as if they were there in person. Available computer labs include specialty software computer labs and a subset of open lab/general use computers.


Remote access to campus computer labs will be open from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day. Hours between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. are reserved for computer maintenance and updates. Also see schedule for network maintenance downtimes.

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The "quick" steps shown further below are for PC Windows users.

For additional detailed instructions:

For PC and set up for Mac see Remote Access to Computer Lab Computers
For Chromebook see updated Chromebook Remote Access instructions

For assistance please contact IT HelpDesk.

Quick Steps for PC Windows users to access a computer remotely:

  1. Choose one of the college campuses listed below, under Find Computer Labs by College.
  2. Choose the specific computer lab you want to remote into (they are listed by building, room number and nickname).
  3. Click Connect for the specific computer to use. Computers that are available for use will appear on this list (computers already in use will not appear on this list).
  4. A prompt to download a file will allow a connection to the specific computer.  Choose to run the file, following the prompts and accepting each dialog box.  Login using your MySeattleColleges Login (e.g.    
  5. Once the connection process is complete (this can take up to 2 minutes to establish a secure and safe connection between your home computer and the lab computer), you will see the same desktop screen and access the same software you would see if using the computer in person in the lab you chose. Mac users should click the "Windows"  menu from the "Microsoft Remote Desktop Client" and select "Fit to Window" to see the entire screen of the remote computer.

Find Computer Labs by College