IT Info for Staff & Faculty

Changes for Fall 2019

Migration of all workstations to Windows 10.  Microsoft is ending support for Windows 7 as of January, 2020, so we are finishing up moving all of our machines at all campuses to Windows 10.  IT staff have put together this to show you what to expect on your own desktop. 

Please note, if asked to sign in to view the video below, use your MySeattleColleges login and password.  Closed captioning is available by hovering and clicking on cc at bottom of video:

Central Campus Only: We have begun to migrate Central faculty and staff users away from Citrix as a default login for workstations. Citrix is still and will continue to be available for use, but will no longer be the default on your desktop.  See below for more information about Citrix at Central and South. 

Software Via Browser (Citrix)

Seattle Colleges IT is working to standardize and make Citrix available to all campuses.  Until then, here are the existing Citrix instances available.

South Seattle College Citrix version: 

Some software applications are available via browser, using the Citrix system.  Login to South's Citrix using your MySeattleColleges Login. 

Seattle Central College Citrix version for employees only:

All Seattle Central employees have Citrix accounts. Citrix allows you to access applications and your files from any computer that has Internet access. You can access many applications and your work files from home as if you were in your office. You have safe and consistent access to applications and your file both from outside and within the school network.

Citrix allows IT staff to perform updates and installations centrally, so that everyone has the most current version of software at the same time. The systems are backed up and secure.

State regulations prohibit storing confidential or sensitive information on mobile devices, such as notebook computers or jump drives. Always use Citrix for any storage of student or employee sensitive information.