College Accounts & Logins

Everyone receives ctcLink and MySeattleColleges accounts for access to online services and IT resources. Users must set up their accounts before first time use. Activate your ctcLink account first, then use your ctcLink credentials for logging into Tools to initialize your MySeattleColleges account.


ctcLink is your WA State Colleges account for conducting official business such as student registration, financial aid, tracking academic progress, updating personal information and for employee records, payroll and work processes. Learn more about ctcLink and how to activate account:

ctcLink info

Quick link to ctcLink Account Login.

Use ctcLink login credentials (ID & password) to access:

  • ctcLink
  • MySeattleColleges Tools
  • Canvas

MySeattleColleges Account

Your MySeattleColleges Account credentials provides access to campus IT resources. Learn more about MySeattleColleges login and how to initialize:

MySeattleColleges info

Quick link to MySeattleColleges Account Tools (for account initialization and password changes).

Use MySeattleColleges login credentials (username and password) to access:

  • Starfish (for admitted and enrolled students)
  • MyNorth/MyCentral/MySouth (for admitted and enrolled students)

Plus these after enrollment

  • College Email
  • Office 365
  • Campus computers
  • Wifi
  • Printing
  • Library services

MySeattleColleges provides employee access to: IT admin network computer devices, 0365, email, wifi, and system processes.

NEW Students & Employees - Getting Started Steps

  1. Once you’ve received your ctcLink ID (EMPLID) - Activate your ctcLink account & set your password. Note your ctcLink ID number displayed in the last screen. (Note - Returning students & employees can activate with an old SID (pre-ctcLink) and find out your ctcLink ID (EMPLID) in the last steps of activation.)
  2. For EMPLOYEES ONLY, starting Aug. 14, 2023 - After activation, on your first time login to ctcLink you will be prompted to set up your MFA security methods.
  3. While activating your ctcLink account, make note of your ctcLink ID & password. They are needed to log into MySeattleColleges Tools to initialize your MySeattleColleges account. During MySeattleColleges account initialization you'll set your first-time password and be able to view your username.

See Accounts and Tech Tools: A Guide for Students at Seattle Colleges for side-by-side information about the ctcLink and MySeattleColleges accounts and How to Access, How to Set up (includes a Getting Started Checklist) and what to use these tech tools for. 

Quick Steps - Accounts Setup