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ctcLink is our WA state colleges centralized system providing students and employees with online services for conducting college business on mobile device, laptop, or computer. Services include student registration, financial aid, tracking academic progress, updating personal information, and employee records, payroll, work processes and more.

All students and employees must activate their ctcLink accounts. See activation instructions below. You will need your ctcLink ID (EMPLID) to activate your account and to log in after activation.

Activate Account & login at https://gateway.ctcLink.us

Activation Instructions

Recommended - Additional Security Options for your ctcLink account.

New Students

  • After your application for admission passes review & processing, you will receive your ctcLink ID by email from Admissions, Seattle Colleges.
  • Use your ctcLink ID to complete your ctcLink account activation. 

New Employees

  • Will receive ctcLink ID (EMPLID) by email from HR, Seattle Colleges.
  • Use your ctcLink ID to complete your ctcLink account activation.

Returning Students & Employees

SID option (with an SID received prior to ctcLink)

  • You may activate your ctcLInk account using your previous SID received prior to ctcLink.
    -When the activation steps are complete your ctcLink ID (EMPLID) will be displayed for you.
    -Make note of your ctcLink ID and password for logging into your ctcLink account going forward.

Account Management



Go to ctcLink Resources for Students page for instructions on the following items:

  • Reset your ctcLink account password
  • Update preferred first name (applies to ctcLink account only)
  • Update your contact information


"Which account do I need?" (students)

"ctcLink Account" or "MySeattleColleges Login"?
See Accounts and Tech Tools: A Guide for Students at Seattle Colleges