ctcLink FAQ

Here are some helpful answers to questions that will get you up and running with ctcLink.

Request to delete security questions through IT Services HelpDesk. You'll be asked to provide your contact information & identification verification.

If you've already activated your ctcLink account at another Washington state college, the account credentials are the same. Try logging into ctcLink with your ctcLink ID from your other college and associated password.

If you have completed your ctcLink account activation you may

  • Contact ITS HelpDesk to Request
  • Contact Registration to Request

All user accounts will be locked out for 30 minutes after 5 attempts to log in with an incorrect password in a 10 minute period. If you have attempted 3 times in a 10-minute period and still cannot get in, you should reset your password. If you have already tried 5 or more attempts to login in wait 30 minutes before resetting your password.

Logging into "Tools" management page changes to the ctcLink ID (EMPLID) and ctcLink Password replacing old SID/PIN.
Continue to use your MySeattleColleges credentials (Username & Password) to access the same existing services.

Your ctcLink account first needs to be activated. During activation you'll create a password & be able to view your ctcLink ID (EMPLID). After activation is completed, log into your ctcLink account with your ctcLink ID and ctcLink password.

Login with your MySeatteColleges credentials (instead of old SID/PIN). Student portals now provide access to: Submit course evaluations, create education plans & make parking payments. All other previous student portal services move to your ctcLink account.

For Starfish you will still use your MySeattleColleges credentials to login. Your password may have surpassed the 120 day expiry date. To see account setup - reset/change password information select the Student or Employee menu and click the MySeattleColleges Account information tile.

No. Staff & students will use their ctcLink ID (EMPLID) for ctcLink account set up & login and for MySeattleColleges account set up & login to Tools.

No. Use your one ctcLink account at all Washington community and technical colleges. Account activation is only needed once.

Personalization changes are per pillar and do not generalize to another pillar.

Make sure to use your “official name” as referenced in admissions (students) or at hiring (staff).

(applies to ctcLink account only)

Yes, there is an app you can use on your mobile devices. Search the app store (iPhone) or play store (Android) on your mobile device for “ctcLink” to download and install this free app. Note: Students must activate your ctcLink account before using the mobile app or its web-based version.