MySeattleColleges Login Account

MySeattleColleges Accounts are automatically created for incoming students and new employees. You'll use your MySeattleColleges Account credentials to log into most Seattle Colleges computing resources, from both on and off campus.

To begin using your MySeattleColleges Login Account

(Your ctcLink account needs to be activated first. See ctcLink information for activation steps.)

Initialize your MySeattleColleges Account and set your password before your first use. You will receive your specific login username during the initialization. Your login username is usually composed of your first name and last name followed by
Example -
(First and last name based on your official student/employee registration/HR record).

Note: MySeattleColleges Account is a separate account from your ctcLink account. Your ctcLink account should be activated before you initialize your MySeattleColleges Login Account. Your ctcLink credentials are needed to log into 'MySeattleColleges Login Tools' for the account initialization.

Quick Steps for Account Set-up

  1. Go to MySeattleColleges Login Tools ( page.
  2. Choose “Reset My Password” tab and enter your ctcLink ID (EMPLID) and ctcLink Password. 
  3. Set your MySeattleColleges password to one only you know and save.
    1. Make note of your Login information displayed in the Success window. You can now begin using your specific MySeattleColleges Login: username and password to access campus services and resources. (see Login Access menu item)

Detailed Instructions for Account Set-up

Get Credentials (username) & Set/Reset Password

Resetting Passwords

You can return to the MySeattleColleges Login Tools management page to reset your password at any time in the future using the steps above. Passwords expire every 120 days. Set or Change MySeattleColleges Password - Video Instructions

"Which account do I need?" (students)

"ctcLink Account" or "MySeattleColleges Login"?
See Accounts and Tech Tools: A Guide for Students at Seattle Colleges