MySeattleColleges Login Access

MySeattleColleges Account Login provides access as follows:

Incoming and Enrolled students provided access to:

  • Starfish
  • MyNorth/MyCentral/MySouth student portals

Applying student accounts remain active with the above access for three years from their official date of application.

Enrolled student accounts remain active during enrollment and when no longer enrolled, remain active with the above access for the next six consecutive unenrolled quarters. Account is disabled 30 days after this period. If a student re-enrolls within the six quarter period, their account data becomes available.
Note: All account data (including email & file storage) is removed when account is disabled so be sure to save any important data to personal storage as needed.

Enrolled students also provided current quarterly access to:

  • Office 365 including Outlook Email
  • Campus open labs and classroom computers on all Seattle Colleges campuses
  • At least 1 terabyte of file storage in Office 365 OneDrive, accessible from on and off campus
  • Full access to Wi-Fi on all Seattle Colleges campuses
  • Student printing from campus printers
  • Library Services
  • Handshake
  • Other services as required by your class or instructor

Employees provided access to:

  • IT admin network computer devices
  • Email and 0ffice 365, including OneDrive storage
  • Wi-Fi
  • Inside Seattle Colleges
  • system processes

Login Notes:

Use your short username login - "first.lastwithout for:

  • campus computers
  • Wi-Fi
  • Starfish

Use your long username login - "" for:

  • 0ffice 365
  • Email
  • Remote computer access
  • MyNorth/MySouth/MyCentral
  • Handshake