MyDesk provides full access to your own Seattle Colleges Windows 10 desktop and documents, including Secure92. To access MyDesk, you will need your MySeattleColleges Login and password. There are two versions: Light and Receiver (sometimes called Workspace).

MyDesk Light

MyDesk Light is easier to get into but does not allow easy access to your c: hard drive at home, nor does it allow you to print from MyDesk. Follow these three steps to get into the Light version of MyDesk:

  1. In any browser, go to the Seattle Colleges MyDesk site:
  2. Enter your MySeattleColleges login and password, then click “Log On.”
  3. Click on the “Use Light version” link at bottom of this page.  
  4. You will see a monitor icon, labeled “Seattle Colleges Access,” Click on the down arrow & click "Open".
  5. Your desktop will be loaded into the window of your browser tab. Ready to use.

MyDesk Workspace

MyDesk Workspace (sometimes called Citrix Receiver) requires a one-time install of a small software agent on your home machine. It allows you to easily access your local c: hard drive and to print from MyDesk. For detailed instructions on using MyDesk and installing the MyDesk Workspace app, MyDesk Guide.