MySeattleColleges Login

MySeattleColleges Login accounts are automatically created for incoming students and new employees. After you've initialized your account (obtaining your username & setting a password) you'll use your MySeattleColleges login credentials to access most Seattle Colleges computing resources, from both on and off campus.

MySeattleColleges Login provides student access as follows,

Incoming & Enrolled students provided access to:

  • Starfish
  • MyNorth/MyCentral/MySouth student portals

Currently Enrolled students provided quarterly access to: 

  • Email and Office 365 (see access limits information below)*
  • Campus open labs and classroom computers on all Seattle Colleges campuses
  • At least 1 terabyte of file storage in Office 365 OneDrive, accessible from on and off campus.
  • Full access to Wi-Fi on all Seattle Colleges campuses. 
  • Student printing from campus printers. 
  • Other services as required by your class or faculty. 

*Office 365, including Email is provided to students during their current quarters of enrollment in classes. When a student is no longer enrolled, access remains available for six consecutive quarters after their last quarter of enrollment. Their O365 account (including Email) is disabled after the 30 days following. Note - all account information is removed at this time, so be sure to save any important data to personal storage.

MySeattleColleges provides employee access to:
IT admin network computer devices, 0365, email, wifi, Inside Seattle Colleges and system processes.

To begin using your MySeattleColleges Login Account

Your login is usually composed of your, but you will receive your specific login username when you initialize your MySeattleColleges Login account and set your password before your first use. You'll need your ctcLink ID & password first.

*! PLEASE NOTE - MySeattleColleges Login account is a separate account from your ctcLink account.

  • First complete your ctcLInk account activation and remember your ctcLink credentials
  • Log into 'MySeattleColleges Login Tools' for the account setup, with your ctcLink ID (EMPLID) and ctcLink Password. (old SID and PIN login for Tools is currently accepted also) 

Go to MySeattleColleges Login account set up for detailed instructions or see quick steps below.

Quick Steps for MySeattle Colleges Account Set-up

  1. Go to MySeattleColleges Login Tools page.
  2. Choose “Reset My Password” tab and enter your ctcLink ID (EMPLID) and ctcLink Password OR currently you may choose to enter your SID and PIN (old ID).
  3. Set your password to one only you know and save.
  4. Make note of your Login information displayed in the Success window. You can now begin using the specific MySeattleColleges Login you receive while setting your password. 

Resetting Passwords
You can return to the MySeattleColleges Login Tools management page to reset your password at any time in the future using the steps above. Passwords expire every 120 days. Set or Change MySeattleColleges Password - Video Instructions

-Login to campus wifi and Starfish with short username - "first.last" without
-Login to 0365, Email, remote computer access, MyNorth/MySouth/MyCentral with long username - ""

"Which account do I need?"

"ctcLink Account" or "MySeattleColleges Login" detailed Information Chart

> ctcLink & MySeattleColleges account setup - Quick Steps
> Quick Steps Translations available in Amharic, Arabic, Chinese (Sim), Somali, Spanish & Vietnamese.

Your Responsibilities

All students are responsible for understanding and adhering to MySeattleColleges Login account guidelines. In fact, all students are required to read and accept these guidelines as a requirement for using a MySeattleColleges Login account. If you need help understanding these guidelines or have a question on how they apply, please ask for assistance via the Help Desk.

Students are responsible for the following:

  • Log out when done: You are responsible for logging out of your MySeattleColleges Login account. In order for the systems to work properly and keep your files secure, you must log out when done. If leaving your computer for any period of time, or before logging into another computer, make sure to log out of your MySeattleColleges Account.
  • Keep your password safe: If you think your password has been compromised, change it right away. If you are unable to change it using the web interface at, please see a staff member on the Help Desk as soon as possible to reset the password.
  • Leaving? When you are no longer enrolled, your MySeattleColleges Login Account will become unavailable one year after you are no longer registered as a student. Make prior alternate arrangements for permanent email and data storage. Transfer any data you wish to keep elsewhere before the end of the quarter. email address and OneDrive file storage space will go away.
  • No copyrighted or otherwise illegal materials: You are responsible for the content of the files in your personal store and drives. (Be aware that installing file-sharing programs and then downloading MP3 or other copyrighted materials is illegal.)
  • Understand the EIR Policy: Reading and adhering to the SCCD Electronic Information Resource (EIR) Policy

Applicable Washington State Laws

You should also be familiar with these state of Washington laws that would apply to your college-supported computer use when:

Revised Code of Washington (RCW) -- Laws enacted by the Washington State Legislature: