Where's My Course?

Until a course is published (made public), you cannot access any of the content for that class through Canvas. To see all of your courses, click the Courses icon in the left-hand navigation, then click the text link “All Courses”. From the All Courses page, you will also see a complete list of your courses, including its publishing status. If your course is not published and you are not using a publisher's website to access content, please contact your instructor.

You should also check your enrollment status. If you are on a course waitlist, you will not have access to the course until you are officially enrolled. You may have been dropped from the course for non-payment or non-participation. For instructions on resolving the issue and being re-enrolled in your courses, check with Registration Office at your campus (North, Central, South) for more assistance.

If you are a tuition waiver student and you need access to a Canvas course while waiting to be registered, you must have the instructor's permission in writing to be added to the course. Please forward your instructor's written approval to eLearning@seattlecolleges.edu, and include both your SID and the section's four-digit item number (found at the course schedule). For example, ACCT&201 Section 1234.OL.

If you have confirmed that you are enrolled in the course, and the course does not appear as Not Published on your All Courses list, please contact eLearning@seattlecolleges.edu.