NEW Secure MFA Login - Office 365

Begins March 4, 2024

To enhance your login security and to safeguard against security threats, multi-factor authentication (MFA) is being turned on for all staff for use of Office 365 resources such as Outlook, Teams, One Drive, Word, Excel and other O365 apps. You will login as usual with your username and password and provide a 2nd factor verification. Please see instructions below for setting up your MFA.

MFA OPT IN prior to March 4, 2024  
For those wishing to opt in before the official go-live date, first contact the IT Services HelpDesk to request activation of O365 MFA for your MySeattleColleges account. When MFA is activated, you can set up your multi-factor authentication choices.   

Instructions for O365 MFA 2nd factor setup:  

There are three options for two-factor verification:  
1. Phone   
2. Authenticator App  
3. Security Key

IF this is your FIRST time logging into 0365 apps after MFA is turned on for all staff, you will be prompted to register a phone number for MFA. Click the Instruction link in Step 1. below to view the steps for how you will register a phone number at the prompt.

  1. Set up your mobile or landline phone to act as your two-factor verification method.   
    Your mobile phone can either receive a text message or a phone call with a verification code.   
    Your landline phone can receive a call. (You may use your office phone number.)   
    Remember - You must have access to the phone when logging into O365 after this setup.  
    - Registering a phone number for MFA login verification -These instructions apply to your first time login after MFA is activated (March 4th for those who have not done a pre-opt-in for MFA).  

Adding Additional MFA 2nd Factor Verification Sign-in Methods

When logging in you will have the option to choose from the additional sign-in methods you've set for 2nd factor MFA. Having multiple 2nd factor MFA methods is helpful for when you might need a back-up option to sign-in.

  1. Install the MS Authenticator app on your mobile phone to receive a code or notification for two-factor verification.  
    - Registering MS Authenticator for MFA login verification  
    - About MS Authenticator
  2. Set up a security key hardware device.   
    The USB key connects to your computer & you enter its PIN & touch the key's button for two-factor verification. It also works for logging into accounts on your mobile phone. An adapter can be used to connect the key to your phone or many phones are NFC (near field communication) enabled & simply work by holding the key to the phone.
    - Registering a security key for MFA login verification
    - More Security Key Information - Use with a computer or phone & if your key is lost or not available.
    Staff and faculty can obtain a security key at no cost by contacting IT.  

To Add To or Edit Your MFA Sign-in Methods   
Login to your O365 account (at
- Click your profile icon.
- Select View Account to go to the My Account page.
- Select Security Info to go to the My Sign-ins page to add, change or delete your sign-in methods.

Or login at with your MySeattleColleges login credentials & select Security Info to go the My Sign-ins page.

We're available to help. Please visit the if you'd like to request assistance.